Gabriella Hewitt


April  2015

Spring has Sprung! April is on of those months that is filled with holidays and traditions. Come this time of year I have multiple celebrations to attend.

Birthdays! Passover! Easter! Weddings!

For some reason the presents and family gatherings never cease. In a strange way I love it and I loathe it. Weekends are never my own.

Then comes the longest week of my life…Spring Break.

There was once a time those two words meant fun, party hardy and beach bound. Whoo Hoo!!

Now those two words have a completely different meaning, kids, more kids, movies and lots of take out pizza. Yay!

To me, April is one big party month.

I guess that is why the IRS made the deadline for taxes in April. So that when you saw your tax return, good or bad, you at least had a party to go to somewhere.



Hugs and Kisses,

Gabriella Hewitt