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Monday, September 5th, 2011
Hispanic Heritage Month –  Kathleen Mix

Thank you for inviting me to visit during Hispanic Heritage Month.

I’d like to talk about the heroine of my multicultural romance, Beyond Paradise.

Marina is a Latina dive shop owner who is struggling to break free from the out-dated beliefs of her culture but at the same time maintain her proud heritage. She is running the family SCUBA diving business alone, but not by choice. She grew up in a traditional Latino family where her macho father’s world revolved around his only son and heir. He believes men do work and women do dishes. But when her brother … Read More »

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011
Out of the Shadows Release Day!!

Can I tell you I have been waiting so long for this day. SQUEEE!!

I know it is just a novella but it is my novella. The first in a series. Man, I think I am going to cry.

Seriously, I may but I am too chicken to smudge my masscara. It is way too early in the morning to wipe off and reapply.

Yes, I got dressed up for this event. I put on my pretty floral, chiffon top. It really is sexier than it sounds. And I put on make-up and lip gloss. For those that know me … Read More »

Friday, August 5th, 2011
The Power of Archetypes

Last Saturday I attended a workshop sponsored by the San Diego RWA chapter. The guest was Tami D. Cowden, co-author of the book Heroes & Heroines Sixteen Master Archetypes, and her latest release Fallen Heroes: Sixteen Master Villain Archetypes.

When it comes to my own writing, plot always comes before character. Don’t get me wrong, I have an idea of the character, but it’s always sketchy. On the other hand, I can see all the obstacles that I’m going to throw at that character. But when it comes to making that character grow and change, I have to really … Read More »

Monday, August 1st, 2011
Meet An Author Monday – Gabriella Hewitt

OMG!! It is August 1st. Time truly flies when you are about to release a book. HEHE

In two weeks Out of the Shadows will be hitting the electronic shelves!

I cannot express how excited I am to finally after so many years have another book out there.

It has been an amazing rollercoaster ride these past months.

I have to admit I think somebody placed an Energizer battery up my ((bleep)) this year.

Shadow Warriors came to me in a dream. (yeah right) Actually it came with a lot of research and time dedicated to plotting out an outline … Read More »

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011
Summer Spectacular

OMG!!! It is official. My book cover is up and ready for pre-order!

Graphic Designer Scott Carpenter and Editor Mary Hamilton truly captured the story and beauty of Out of the Shadows.

Thank you so much for making my dreams of the Shadow Warrior series come true.

To kick off the debut of Out of the Shadows, Sunday and all this week I will answering questions on Romance Author Hotspot and giving away a $5.oo Gift Certificate to Samhain Publishing.

Hope to see you there!